searching for a guide through life

i need to do something with my life…

i realized i stopped taking my allergy medicine altogether.. now was that before or after i ran out of birth control pills?

i wonder if i’ll be allergic to jersey. last time i was home – thanksgiving – i realized just how loud the silence sounds literally… we’re moving. i want to help… i hope i’m not allergic to the house..

finals – i wish they were altogether in one day. beats the waiting…

i realized — i don’t write anymore. i mean, of course i write, but i refuse to… i dunno… confusing to explain. maybe i’ll get at that some other time.

i could fall in love with him.. very logical, i suppose. boy calls me up at 1. we talk til three. we both clearly know i have a ten o’clock final for which i didn’t study for.. and i’m not a morning person at all… i don’t love him though. and i won’t.

money, money, money… radix malorum est cupiditas – money is the root of all evil…

i’ve been away from home awhile. so much has happened. not that i could have stopped them from happening, but still…

what is the cost of a dream?

my life right now just exists to watch Sex in the City on TBS at 9. sad…

yet, i’m still blessed. and i’ll still never forget him…



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  1. never stop dreaming, my love ❤

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