searching for a guide through life

WHOV is the shit. i love my school’s radio station.

favorite song of the week: Love by Keyshia Cole

i’m a sucker for… l.o.v.e.

in other news…

who’s ready for the new year to start. i know i am. i’m asking for mucho blessings for my family cuz we’re kinda ending the year on rough times.

my immune system is going on round 2 with the mysterious illness symptoms. i do not want to be sick for the holidays..

speaking of the holidays, what will i be doing? i know what i want for Christmas but it’s not material so i won’t even begin to mention it.

ohh.. i started a notebook yesterday. i’m so proud. i actually sat down and did something constructive.. and pretty.

i want a vanilla latte…

peace — good tidings to men – and WOmen


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  1. All the comments people left on my page for love really helped me out. Thanks Nikki Dow, you are truly a beuatiful person and i thank the lord i have Xanga and HU friends like you. Love, Riva

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