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quick entry…

.. i’m about to head up to new york for a funeral so i’m making this quick. my godsister’s aunt – the one that was suffering from cancer – died.. tonight’s the service, so me and my mom and dad are going up there. haven’t been to long island in the longest time…

… small world… alex – the one i wrote about two entries down – his older brother goes to hampton.. never woulda known.. i saw someone’s xanga entry talking about the loss of marcus’s mother and i remember reading in the paper that alex’s brother’s name was marcus.. a quick facebook search later and yep.. same guy.. it’s such a tragedy what happened to their mom so the family has definately been in my prayers. my sis says alex has been in school lately so that’s good..  r.i.p. mrs. cade.

… in other news, i think i’m finally getting better from being sick. it’s good to be out and about. it’s good to be ‘home’. saw mr. monroe yesterday. we coincidentally met up at the mall but that’s cool. he chilled with me while i tried to get some christmas shopping done. i’m only halfway done too… gosh, why am i late with everything.. pj, my sister’s boyfriend, got the whole family gifts.. even my brother.. he got me something from victoria’s secret.. i wanna open it now! lol. christmas doesn’t really seem like christmas as much without having little kids in the house (or being a lil kid myself). we might go to atl to see the cousins next week so that’ll be cool. this break’s gonna be extra short though.. i think my daddy read my xanga… hmmmm… oh well, what can ya do?

… oh, and i still love him – some things never change…


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  1. feel better, nicole…
    wow, and i thought tonight’s service was grandma’s cousin’s… i didn’t know…
    i feel sooo bad…..

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