searching for a guide through life

<><> all aboard. the spontaneous express. never the less always the more. from the pool table to the kitchen floor. <><>

i like that!

lol, little — how can you not like jamie foxx’s song unpredictable… and can you explain it’s relation to r. kelly.. didn’t get that…

OK. anyways. life’s cool. not much new to report. break’s over in about a week, but that’s cool cuz i’m ready to go back to hampton. decided i’m not going to get my hair braided or whatever before i go down.. imma just let my fro GROW.

haven’t seen any of the tibbs since i been home. carm called but i haven’t returned her call yet. i might be seeing some of them at gami’s college panal if i actually go. i should go. little goes back to school on tuesday. you know who i do be missing from highschool though… them boyz.. ugh.. lol. i keep thinking bout them though.. ‘specially lil boy..  aww.. ::tears up, then smiles:: haha… great kid. need more of him in this world.. my world. ok, yeah.. whateva..

went up to north jersey to spend some time with the family yesterday.. i can’t believe today’s the 30th of december.. gosh, time sure does flyy…

aiight. payce & chicken grease.


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  1. the whole sound of the song!

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