searching for a guide through life

hello 2006!

lol. a lil late but all the same. gosh, i think i got maybe an hour’s sleep tonight.. from like 4am to 5am or something.. this whole sleeping pattern has got to change.

any ways… it’s a new year. time to make the famous reflections and resolutions..

as for the reflections part.. i’m thankful for every time i smiled in 2005 and for everyone who has made me smile.

now, as for the resolutions part… i only have one resolution this year – and it’s to not make resolutions.. HA! every year i make up resolutions i barely keep.. what i want to see happen in 2006 in not very different from what i wanted in my life a whiles ago so what’s the sense of acting like things are brand new? let me just live life and fulfill my purpose out accordingly..

ok – now back to your regularly scheduled program – the rants and ravings of me…

maannn.. i most definately overpacked. i am notoriously famous for doing so cuz i like having options. but the truth is i haven’t used half the stuff i brought home – and i’m bringing more when i come back to hampton so i’m gonna be like bag lady supersized. and i’m coming back the last day before classes too.. ugh, what’s up with that?

classes next year — well, i’m looking foward to spring semester overall. my two JAC classes, basketball, my three days getting off at noon.. cool stuff for the most part. we’ll see how things take me though.

speaking of taking me… quiero viajar a algun lugar — i want to travel someplace.. kinda random but yeah…

my godsisters have been with me since coming back from church around midnight new years eve/day to about a few hours ago 3 am when my mom dropped them back off.. haha.. so you know there was gonna be some craziness… there were spades, conversations, reminensing (that is def. spelled wrong, i’m too lazy to correct it though), computer addiction, random games, and phone calls… haha.. and unanswered questions..

like… do i like him? gosh, i feel like we’ve been here twenty times before. we are so complicated. i talk about him, i think about him, he’s cool with the fam, i respect him and care about his feelings, i kid around with him.. yes, i like him… but i don’t quite think i like him. can’t quite say why. all he would do is love me.  ::sigh:: the complicatedness of mr. monroe and miss dow..

ok… thats all folks… for now.



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  1. the connotations of like!! soo confusing…

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