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ahhh, i have so much to DO!

i swear, this vacation has been sleep, chill, sleep, shopping, sleep, seeing family, and oh, did i mention sleep? lol. so now, lucky me has a bunch of errands to run.. some of which i know i won’t and i’ll have to end up doing at HU. ::sigh:: haha. i leave on sunday – early in the morning – hopefully to get to hampton around noonish. but in reality, it’s like tomorrow is my last day here. my grandma’s yearly birthday bash is saturday so we’ll be up there all day – working.. yup.. same thing each year. oh yeah, it’s a party for everyone else but my sister and my mom and me end up turning into coat check, door greeter, kitchen staff, food replinisher… haha. but hey, all for a good cause..

the plan WAS to wake up early today to get my clothes in the cleaners and all.. haha @ waking up early. my sleeping pattern has been so out of wack here. but anyways. nope, that didn’t happen. in fact, i was on the phone til nearly five in the morning. with — surprise, surprise — mr. monroe. he called about 9:30 but i was busy, so i called back at like 10:30 and we were on the phone til atleast 4:30. tell me — how does that happen?? HUH?  lol. but me and him – we really have evolved. we can talk about basically anything with each other and thats so good. at one point in the night, we were talking about relationships and he was telling me a lot of stuff about myself that i needed to hear. like i need to put myself out there more – not like change who i am, but to try not to be such a homebody and to actually let myself open up more with people instead of putting up walls. that’s true and i knew it but it was good to hear it from someone else. a friend. he tries to get me to talk more cuz i can be too quiet sometimes.. lol. funny kid though. i heart him.

so — i could write a big ol’ list of things i need to do before friday night, but i’d probably just bore whoever’s reading this. (does anyone still read my xanga??) anyways, it’s best to just be about it.

i can’t believe classes start monday. wow. time flies..

aiight. im out.


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  1. u nd mr. monroe… mmm… i’m glad that u heard it from him, cuz u never used to listen to me, lol. yes, i still read ur xanga, cept wen im realli busie… and wow, i didn’t realize this weekend was commin so quickly… ay caramba…

  2. my sleeping pattern sounds just like yours…anyway, props girl.

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