searching for a guide through life

i haven’t been to bed in what’s approaching two days now..

aww, and i just remembered this will be the last time i could have slept in my bed – well, in this apartment.  i don’t want to move back to the old house! maann. next time i come back from hampton, i guess all my stuff will be over there — and Blue Heron Pines will be just another memory.. so sad.. but life goes on.

i better sleep in the car too. i’m about to call up my dad to see if he’s about ready yet. i’d like to get to hampton around noon-ish and i know he wants to get to atlanta by a decent time.. for some reason, i have a feeling he fell asleep over there.. i went inside the house today for a sec. he wanted to show me the basement.. basically he gutted out the whole thing – it’s crazy. i have no idea what that place will be like in a month, but also, at least i don’t seriously have to worry about in cuz i’ll still be in va for a lil bit. that house brings back some OLD memories though.

i am so sleepy.. and cold.. and if someone drinks the last of my orange juice, imma be heated. i hate being a grownup cuz i have to spend my money much more frequently.

i need to write a (good) poem.

i’m getting random videos for my ipod right now. and pics. what i ought to be getting is music but oh well.. the dell dj playlist will have to do. “i love technology”.. sometimes.. lol.

looking foward to next semester. first semester was cool – but hopefully this one will be even better. i’m in denial that i’ll be in classes tomorrow though.. nah, not denial. i just don’t really care. (but not in a bad way).

drove past smithville today.. memories.. the boy is single and that made me happy to find out but then i felt bad for feeling happy about it. he’s sooo sexxi.

highschool friends and me did not happen this break. oh well. better luck next time.

NACC happened of course. the new years eve overspill and phone follow-ups.. ha. love ma gurls.

my back hurts. i’m adding that to my physical complaints. so does my skin.. yes, your skin can hurt. if you were me, you’d know.

i like it when my muscles hurt.. i know, random – but i know someone else does too.

ha – i love me and mr. monroe’s dialogs sometimes… hehe.

i miss manders! and carm! i have no real reason to be upset at mo but i think i am a lil. and sometimes i wish i werent so indifferent about laura but we kinda fell off a whiles ago. well, 2006 is supposed to be about communication. maybe things will all be different.

i am literally shivering here. this is crazy.  

yes. the aaliyah videos are downloaded.. let’s see if they’ll work though.

ugh.. stupid photos are still optimizing.. why does lil have so many pictures? and you know i really don’t want them all either. i was just discouraged cuz i spent time on what i thought was selecting pictures one by one but that didnt work out.

ok.. i’m done babbling.. maybe the videos will work. maybe not.. i’ll wait. toodle-lou!


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  1. it won’t be the last time if u come down for my birthday!!

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