searching for a guide through life


now praying is great. faith is wonderful. but don’t you wish sometimes God could just come down and talk to you. i mean, people say God communicates with us through miracles, through signs, but sometimes i know i’d just love a two-sided straight conversation. you know, He could just call me on the phone and be like “hello, my child, i heard you need to talk” or whateva approach He chooses to go after.. i’m just saying. Sometimes i wish He could tell me directly – answer some of the questions i have floating on inside my head.

today i was walking behind this boy who, from body type i guess, slightly resembled first love… of course, i knew who i was walking behind, and i know that first love hasn’t been in my life for ages. but for a second, i was just taken aback, thinking “why isn’t he here with me?” stupid, i know – but i need to know his life’s been just fine.

i need to know how i’m going to make it as a grown up and if i’m going in the right direction. don’t you wish sometimes God could be like, “um, i think you’re straying a lil. let me help show you the right way.”

i know – the Bible supposed to show you the right way, and church is supposed to help. but sometimes, i can’t find the answers in centuries old writings. it’s not that i’m unsure of my faith at all – i’m just unsure.

anyway – i’ll pray on it. life’s still wonderful. (and JAC 110’s cool )


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