searching for a guide through life

whatup world.

everything’s relatively well with me. it’s 11:30am going off i don’t know how lil sleep and i’m still extremely woke and feeling great. i’m telling you, it’s the drugs… lol.. took vitamins this morning finally. today seems kinda busy-ish. bout to go to lunch then scripps howard where i’ll be til nearly almost dinner time. ha… then i have a meeting to go to at 6:30, one at 7:30, homework, organization, UNPACKING, and… does smallville start with new episodes today??? i gotta call my lil today too. I LOVE YOU LITTLE!

school moved up a noch (sp?) this semester.. imma have to be extra focused and dedicated. i’m moving into things that i want to be doing for my career, but sometimes i think i’m not quite ready… mmmm.. oh well. i think this semester will be cool though. maaan, yesterday i was loving our lunch table — a whole plus one posta table.. lol. made me smile.

oh.. i have to make a confession. i think i probably was liking mr. monroe for a while… yeah… and i know…. but, that’s ova now!!  haha… i’m not really worrying about guys right now. there’s enough stress in life already. “don’t go looking for love. don’t you know that love will find its way to your heart” who knows what that’s from..

anyway. keep your h.e.a.d.u.p.

aiight.. on to regular life.

be blessed.



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  1. i kno wat that’s from… and i knew it! i knew it!!! mmhmm

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