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*friday night*

my friday night consisted of reading (textbooks and the paper) and then watching the best romantic movie of all time (The Wedding Planner) in my room – solo. i’ve been feeling quite solo a lot lately. i’m very individualistic so sometimes the solo time is perfectly fine, good actually. but other times, it sucks. i miss home a lot. for some reason, i thought going back second semester wouldn’t carry along any of the initial homesickness i kinda felt the first few days of being dropped off at hampton. but that’s not true. at all. i mean, i love all my people here but… how can they compare to my mommy and my sister who i’ve known for umm.. forever.. i mean, with my sister, i’d be in her room all the time – telling her it was my room. haha. and my mommy… wow, i am just so grateful that we have grown to be so close like buddies. we used to have the worst relationship. fighting, barely talking… i used to want to run away, among other things… i was her problem child.. but now, we’re best friends and we act silly together and go shopping together and watch movies… when i was leaving jersey, she hugged me and told me she missed me already… ::tears up:: maann, sometimes i hate growing up.


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  1. u make me tear up… i hate u growing up too, and i want you back! sry it took so long to comment, i haven’t been online in forever… i watched part of the wedding planner last night too! me nd mommy… it’s good to kno that even if u can’t be here, we were connected, in a way. for serious, i miss you nicole… i hope u come back soon..

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