searching for a guide through life

just another day in the game of… LIFE

church tomorrow! MLK day Monday!  <— random announcements.

anyways, my cousin finally came to visit me today. we ended up going to Coliseum Mall – where, instead of shoes and business clothes that i should have been looking for, i ended up buying bookstore stuff.. haha. i got three magazines and a portuguese language learning set.. haha. go me! lol. anyway, me and doni just randomly talked and stuff… it’s something how we’re both growing up. i can remember when we were like 2 and 3.

my mommy just called me a few minutes ago… called to tell me it was snowing there (jersey).. mmm.. i love my mommy. and my family! and my friends!

i love my men. especially my black men.. and i love my hampton men.. mmm… but why are some of their perceptions messed up sometimes? mmm… but that’s for another entry. i have all these thoughts and declarations about relationships and guys and such built up. imma probably have a xanga entry just dedicated to that. but lata… before valentine’s day though… haha.

maan, today i saw what had to be one of the first episodes of law and order svu… cool stuff. ohh, and my oral com book is suprising interesting to me.. haha. i know. i’m a nerd. but so!

why don’t my clothes fit me right no more? oh well.

i should start to talk to highschool friends more…

oh, mannn.. we watched sexpose at sister II sister today. man, if i EVER were to consider having an abortion, i think i decided against it now.

i actually have nothing more signicant to say right now.. haha. imma go back to my reading.



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  1. u never comment me back!! but aww! u got to see doni finally! that’s definiely good to hear. i wish i could be there with you two… i’m reading a few interesting books of my own

  2. who told me my ear got infected?? my ear! the fact that it got extra swollen and pus + blood started to ooze out. sure sign haha.

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