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happy MLK day!

mmm, i know that most people just view this holiday as just another day off school, but i dunno, it’s a lil different for me. and today’s weird cuz it’s the first time in AGES that i’m not at Galloway’s Martin Luther King Day celebration that my mom helps put together every year… mmm..

moving on… why does it seem like i have a whole bunch of homework today? eww.. i’m telling you, i really have to be on it this semester. but i need to have fun too. my friend tells me i can’t be a homebody, i can’t keep being so shy.. his words get to me sometimes. i dunno… i’m not tryna change me, but i have to admit, he kinda has a point.

last night, we were on the phone and we were talking ’bout relationships.. relationships confuse the hell out of me sometimes… i officially stink at them. i’m just too difficult for all that. but i need love in my life… so something’s gonna have to change.

pues, yo tengo salir!


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  1. yeah… u missed it , kay kay dance, christian spoke, the monroes came, and at the end, the kids made valentines to the nursing home and letters to the soldiers. lol. it wasn’t nething drastically different, but man, i can’t imagine next year will be my last one… HAPPY BELATED DR. KING!

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