searching for a guide through life

why oh why do i still have hw right now? i’m sleepy and i most definately could be doing my chill time/sleep. i should have done more on my three-day weekend. my mlk day was great. but i shouldn’t have been on the phone last night. he called me and talked for nearly 40 minutes straight – i’m sure i talked back but most the time i felt like i couldn’t get a word in edgewise. that or i didn’t know how to respond to some of the things he was saying. but, point is, clearly i could have used that time to study if i were to somehow interject that i had hw sooner than i did. lol.

but anyway, i’m still sleepy so we’ll see how things turn out. today was a pretty great day. busy, but good in its own. sutton’s class is going to be a lot of work, but it’s probably my favorite class so far. i also gotta get up the courage to have faith in my writing and new journalist skills so i can actually write something for the Script. hmmm…

i want another vacation.. haha. i think that’s the sleepiness in me. or maybe the realization that this semester is so much different from the last one. but in a good way, in most respects. currently, i am in a “i’m genuinely happy being single” phase. i love it!

i’m also loving my hair. it’s growing and now there are about 3 different textures/curl patterns on my head. silly hair. i don’t know what to do with it – today i was contemplating different things. i’m also contemplating seeing about going to the alpha cab.. hmmm..

i can’t believe that the next time i go home, it will be to that house and not my apartment (in jersey). so weird.

in three and a half years, i wonder where i’ll be.

i’m “addicted” to capri suns.



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  1. CALL ME! lol i have work 5-10 tho today… but forreal, u need to check in again!!!

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