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who decided that there would be only 24 hours in a day? sometimes it just aint enough… what i want to do right now is curl up under my covers and sleep.. ahhh… but can i? NOPE. group meeting in about a half hour for 110.. then i’ll probably go and eat. then i’ll probably work on homework or read the newspaper or start working on my article for the Script (yep – got my first assignment!!! oh BOY!!)… then kenndy’s having movie night – with boys!! gasp! is this almost like… wait.. is this some form of visitation???! lol! after that i’ll probably go back to my room and head to sleep… gotta be up bright and early for SUPER SATURDAY. ::sigh:: i miss sleeping in. it’s a lost cause for this semester though.

i have so much hw this weekend, but i don’t mind being in… i betcha i won’t be going to the alpha cab either… (in feb – but ya gotta think ahead).. i know it’s a shame kinda but oh well.

life is crazywonderful right now. i love it. had some weird dreams recently though. the one the night before was centered around me going through depression… mm… the one last night had to do with me in highschool and not wanting to wake up to go to school. actually, i think i was half awake for that one. today would have been one of those days where i’d make the decisison (haha) not to go to school or to ask my mom if she could take me in later… i soo wanted to sleep in.

mmmmm… my brain is jumbled with a million mixed up thoughts about love and relationships and exceptions to the rules… mmm..

oh – and i just found out that my friend Jamalcolm – who’s like a brother to me – is TRANSFERRING next semester!!!  i didn’t get to talk to him about it, but i told him we needed to talk… that’s the sad thing about growing up — people move on and have to leave you behind.. i wonder how these next few yrs will be.

oh — i figured out the HRT (Hampton’s public transportation) the other day… well, at least enough to get to the mall.. hahaha… good stuff.

OH — AOL music is the shit – i got to see that new keyshia cole video off it.. yes.

in fact, lemme watch that again.




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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Yeah 24 hours in a day never seems right. Its either not enough or too many… I need to make a time machine…

  2. congrats on ur first assignment! i kno it’ll be GREAT! i’m mad tho, u never comment me, so i should STOP haha. anyways, call me tonight if u can… i get home 10-ish, otay? i realli don’t have anything interesting to say, just HI!!! <33

  3. p.s. aww ur hairs a-growin. i ❤ ur pictures!!

    24 hours is never enough unless it’s a horrible day… and i understand about your hw thing-I just received all of my books within the last 5 days or so, and consequently i have a lot to catch up on.  By the way, you will make a lot of friends during your years @ HU, but you will lose many as well.   Some will transfer, some will change, and others will show their true colors.  It is an experience…

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