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i’m wearing jeans that actually fit today! good stuff! lol – carin, yep i’m writing this part to you cuz i know you best be reading – tell me WHY the jeans i JUST bought are too big for me. you were in the daggone dressing room with me. that just aint right…

anywho, my eyes and tired and my stomach is hungry and my mind is restless thinking about all the things i have to do.. that vacation to the bahamas is sounding really good right now… but i must go on… haha

yesterday, out the blue, this gurl who i knew from way back in like ELEMENTARY SCHOOL sent me a friend request on facebook. that was something. i haven’t seen her, heard from or about her in nearly a decade. but obviously she remembered me… so sweet.

i told myself i wouldn’t be on xanga today. stupid addiction.

i miss my fam so much.  i can’t believe i won’t be around for lil’s 17th bday… ::sigh:: but you know i still love you little!

i can’t wait til my bday (i’ll be home too). any suggestions? i could attempt to go to philly to eat at bluezette’s but you know what happened last time…. hahaha… oh brother, well, father… lol. i dunno what i want to do that day – just want it to be happy.

valentine’s day too!! can’t wait for that. lol. and by the way, YES, i am still SINGLE. and NO, there is no one SPECIAL. l.o.v.e. just makes me happy sometimes.

on that note – i’m out.


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  1. i can’t believe ur not gunna be here for my bday … *guilt trip, guilt trip* haha sike nahh… we should go to shampoo, cuz u kno, i can… mwahaha! and DARN IT! be grateful that ur jeans are TOO BIG! not TOO SMALL! i swurr ur losing every pound that i’m gaining….

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