searching for a guide through life

if you looked up procrstination in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of me.. lol. oh well. it’s whateva!

i called my mommy today – just to say hi. lol. and then when i got out of my journalism classes, i checked my voicemail and my uncle had left me a message to say hi… aww! tried to call little today too — but she was probably all busy at work or somewheres. it definately stinks that i won’t be there for her b-day and such.. ::sadface::

in other news, me and courtney’s first article for the script is due tomorrow by five. gorsh. lol. phone interviews today.. ha. i was so nervous. i am too.. ummm… shy? i dunno. i just don’t like doing things that i don’t like to do.. hahaha.. anyways… mr. sutton… that man is going to significantly influence my future career… good stuff. to think – i actually might make a career out of writing… ahh. oh boy.

i like doing things i “can’t” do.. ha. like play basketball (dizzy! – i know you’re reading this despite the lack of comments). yo, it was funny in class today cuz ppl would actually pass the ball to ppl who weren’t even on our team before passing to me.. ha. don’t necessarily blame them. i know i “can’t” play – i don’t try to front. but i heart basketball… my PAL days, the return of PAL in highschool (oh gosh.. fun shit), lil boy (i’ll leave it at that), ohh.. the girls vs. boys bball game IN THE RAIN w/the other m.thomas in which i scraped my knee.. lol. reminiscing… i also like doing other things i “can’t” do. like singing, dancing, gymnastics, playing spades sober…lol – this whole paragraph is making no sense.

somebody pray for my oral com test tomorrow.. ::sigh:: mmm.. so much things to do.

OH – the xy subject.. my (guy) friend told me the other day that i am/was (i forgot which one) afraid of love… that i had to give to him, cuz yes, there was a time when i probably very well was subconsciously… but he doesn’t really know the half. he was just speaking off of the experience when he was trying to get with me. oh, and… his girlfriend now is a freshman.. hahaha… HA. nah, i’m just playing.. lol. today i finally used the whole “well, technically, i’m not a freshman” card.. cuz technically, i’m not a freshman.. i’m a sophomore biotch! lol. according to hampton university’s number of credits = classification or whateva.. gotta love AP tests – transfer credits. haha.. and hopefully i’ll be a junior before i start up fall ’06.

anywho.. i got sidetracted. boys… mmm.. gotta love ’em. but me, in a relationship? mmm, nah. can’t rule it out though, cuz you never know when that right person will come around.

sometimes (all the time) i wish he’d come back…. but we won’t speak on such matters.

yes, i think the long entries are coming back. yea.

i think pj should be my brother-in-law someday. he makes my sis happy. –and he gave me love spell, which i never cared for too much until i got it and became addicted–

i need more time in my days… i want to nap now, but can’t.

or maybe i can.. heheh..

ok, enough procrastination.

God bless.


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  1. hehe aww nicole! i miss you! i told someone that today when i was cooking @ pj’s house… i missed u and our days of tryna whip something up to eat so we don’t STARVE! hehe. i’ll pray for u, hopefully 2morrow won’t be so busie, and i’ll get to call u… either way, i send all my love. i love you!

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