searching for a guide through life

sooo… my life?? hmmm…

well, this weekend was rather… interesting.

friday – can’t remember much of friday. it was a rather chill day. finished editing the article and turned it in, napped, did a lil hw and just chilled.

saturday – busy day.. sister II sister in newport news ’til about 2-something. bullshitted on the pc til about 4 when i had dinner, started hw and fell asleep while reading history, woke up to go to walmart with some friends, was gonna go back to the room to chill but decided last minute to go to the holland jam – my first which was actually rather fun…  we were looking for things to do afterwards but the guys bailed on us so i called it a night about 2am

sunday – mmm sunday.. well, they — the establishment — canceled chapel because it’s founder’s day. woop-de-doo… apparently, even though we got barely clear, last-minute instructions, it’s mandatory for freshman to attend… (keep in mind that technically i’m not a freshman cuz of the amount of credits i have) but i mean, i get ready and go anyway cuz i attend hampton and you’re just supposed to comply and sometimes you have to read ppl’s minds to know their expectations but whatever. it was boring and clearly i could have been home studying, but i kept myself from falling asleep by playing games on my ipod and texting my friend. after that we go to dinner at like 1:30 which was incredibly stupid and unsatisfying and this lady tried to catch an attitude with me but whateva. but anyway – apparently, people have been messing up so the entire dorm has lobby visitation taken away until further notice and there was a WHOLE lot of drama going on about that. it’s crazy… thankfully we had bible study upstairs and then an evening prayer in the lobby, which was needed.. God knows. just when i actually was saying to myself “higher education does have its good points” some shit has to go down that makes me wish i didn’t go to hampton. i should run across ogden..

i talked to my mom on the phone today and we kinda have a difference of opinions about my summer plans, so hopefully God will work things out with us there. oh, and my brother’s computer broke so my mom asked if he could use mine.. i mean, what else could i say. of course i had to say yes. but the boy NEVER calls me up to tell me anything… ::sigh:: now he has my car and my pc.. great.

in other news, i think i might have a crush… ::rolls eyes:: i know, eww.. haha. i’m not a very foward person when it comes to letting guys know how i feel..   and i don’t even see him on the regular anymore.. mmm.. what’s a girl to do?

all there is to do – about troubles in general – is pray and have faith.

God loves you..


ps. songs of the week: “can’t let go” by anthony hamilton and “heaven” by jamie foxx


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