searching for a guide through life

::when did you fall in love… with HIP-HOP?::
::i’ve been in love with you since the first day i saw you::

mmm… tonight is such a lazy, laid-back night… i have ALL this stuff to do, but i bet you i’m not gonna even get half of it done. today was sooo nice outside. and tomorrow me, courtney, and kristen are goin to norfolk to go to the mall.. yea! sunday’s the Super Bowl… between sometime, imma have to get this work done.

i have to get my life together.. i’m addicted to capri suns… and these artificial snacks… i miss real, good food. ::sigh:: i miss running.. haha. i need to get to the gym sometime. hehe.

my hair’s growing… slowly but surely. i think imma wash it tonight and set it in cornrows. sometimes i think about how it would be if i straightened and hot curled it, but i’m deathly afraid of applying heat to my hair. i’m afraid it’ll mess up my natural curl pattern for good. and i don’t want that.

OH – my mommy is a person of the year!! she was nominated as the citizen advocate for education of the year for my town. i’m sooo proud of her! i love my mommy! the awards banquet or whatever is on the 4th of march so i’ll be home. i need to start making my arrangements to get back to jersey soon. i think imma take the bus or train or something.

the lil is obsessed with living in nyc. lol. i’m gonna have to see about that.. esp. considering i could end up living there someday cuz of my job.

i need to write.

i still think of him.


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  1. hehe ur so silly. aww, sounds like u got a busie weekend… but newais. i’m fittn to email u <33

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