searching for a guide through life

today was not the best day…

i still have two papers to write, a JAC paper rewrite, and an COM outline to finish – atleast.

i cried today when i was on the phone with my mom… when’s the last time i cried on the phone? when i was thirteen and found out my grandma was in a car accident after the tornado? i dunno. i didn’t even mean to… one minute i was just talking and the next i noticed tears falling down my face. my mom was like “you sound sad.” i told her i had to go to do homework, hung up, and cried some more. damn.

the sister called. i was extra short with her and told her i didn’t want to talk. ugh, it’s so hard getting me to talk when i’m not in a good mood. to find someone who could deal with me like that would be golden. i’m too difficult.

mr. monroe called. later on when i was feeling ok. we talked for a second, but i’m glad he called.

needless to say, i didn’t watch the Superbowl… can’t believe i have all this work left to do.. and honestly, i don’t feel like doing shit… UGH!

maybe later..


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