searching for a guide through life

ok… cliff notes version.

have soo much work to do today. perhaps i can half watch the superbowl sometime in between.

“the three musketeers” went to macarthur center (mall) yesterday. muy fun.

roadblock in life – scripps howard (the journalism school at my college) was evaluated for re-accreditation and lo and behold, it’s on probation for two years. so… could take the chance that it will be ok two years from now in time for my degree.. or risk it, have accreditation totally taken away, and have my degree mean nothing… or change my major…  or transfer schools… my life was JUST setting itself up. now this. i might be leaving after this semester… i could.. i don’t know what i could do. i SERIOUSLY don’t know what’s happening, what could happen, what — i’m just gonna pray. please pray for me and the others affected by this.

and still.



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  1. wow I will definitely be praying for u…wow…I remember I went there for a hot second and I was a broadcast journalism major…I remember how unorganized Scripps was then…so for some reason I foresaw this happening…hmmm I hope everything works out for u guys sake! dont worry about any of this tho, PRAY!

  2. i’ll be praying for you nicole, always am. don’t loose faith tho, i know you don’t know what’s going to happen but i also know you love it there. have FAITH. u kno the Lord’s taking care of you. i love you nicole

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