searching for a guide through life

well yesterday wasn’t too productive as i hoped in my last entry – espanol version..

watch today not be productive either… i keep falling asleep. i am tired all the time. mannn… i think something’s wrong with me. and there’s this mysterious bump in the inside of my inner upper arm. it hurts. do tumors hurt?

anyways — my life is in shambles.. lol. not really. life’s good actually. i had the most hilarious dream in my pre-noon nap.. haha. yes, i already took a nap today and watch it not be the first. my basketball teacher is playing with my life, making me wake up all kinds of early to walk over to holland and have him never show. irking my nerves.. lol. but i ended up taking a nap sometime between then and now. had the most HIL-LAR-I-OUS dream. i didn’t remember until my late pre-noon shower. lol. i was in the shower and suddenly it just hit me and i started cracking up!! of course, i had to suppress the laughter cuz how strange would it be to hear nikkidow laughing her ass off in the shower at 11 something in the morning? but it was funny.. i tell ya. you had to be there. in my mind to witness the dream.. i’m cracking up just thinking about it. hahahahahaa.

laughter is the best.

i’m not going to lunch. imma be hungry later.. and no, i’m not boycotting the cafe. although i should be… scary stuff.. (and i’m not necessarily talking bout the food) lol.

mannn, last night i was trying to watch this new movie on Lifetime with Raven-Symone and Sam Jones III (soo sexy) but then the phone rings.. and i know who it was and was all prepared to answer and be like “let me get at you in one hour.” but i hear something was wrong from his voice as soon as i answered so thus i had to miss the movie. i would have been surprised to hear myself say this a couple years back, but that’s my boy, that’s my friend and i really geniunely care. i don’t know why the “good guys” oftern seem to have it worse when it comes to girls. i don’t believe that all gurls fall for the “bad boys” but i know a lot do. to the good guys out there – i salute you. don’t change. even though ive fallen victim to the bad boy thing myself… hah. it’s not really like that.

ugh.. i gotta start heading to class now…




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  1. Anonymous on said:

    What was the dream about? I wanted to watch that movie but I got on the phone, put the tv on mute, and forgot all about it. I wonder if it was good

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