searching for a guide through life

love, for better or worse i still will choose you first….

but sometimes it’s a lil more worse than better…

i dunno. i’ve been off a lil lately. haven’t quite been in the mood. just not my week, perhaps. sleep and procrastination have been my closest companions. it’s a shame. i bet the weather has something to do with it.. eventually it’ll be ok, maybe not today – maybe not tomorrow… but life’s wonderful. i’ll be cool.

things i won’t admit out loud: 1.) i wish i weren’t single; 2.) valentine’s day is kinda stupid..
lol.. and i won’t admit them out loud cuz i’m too on the optimistic tip

things i can admit out loud but don’t: 1.) mr. monroe has a pull on me; 2.) i still hold something for corey
… and i don’t admit them out loud cuz i can’t explain them

sometimes i wonder if i really want to do this journalism thing.. yes, i do like it, but sometimes i don’t think i’m cracked up to be a reporter.. i rather just write.. i don’t necessarily want to change majors though…

my mother majored in something like business management or something. but then she met my father.. i think she was a year above him in school but they graduated the same year… she became an Army wife, moved to Europe with him, had his children… dealt with raising them alone when he was gone… she was a pre-school teacher at the FAA where he worked but quit when her daughter (me) was in a mix-up with the afterschool program at her school, an incident that turned out okay but could have left me as one of those kids on the back of milk cartons… after we grew up some more, she got a job with the township… we became latch key kids. her job expanded – now we kid she’s ms. galloway. lol. she’s happy though, i think for the most part. she’s successful. she’s always there for her family. i love her.

sometimes things don’t go as planned, but they still turn out perfectly ok. in today’s scholarly world, people would call me crazy or stupid if i said something like “i’d rather get married to the man i loved than have the career i loved.” it’d be insane for an 18 yr old to even be talking or thinking about marriage. there’s still college, grad school, blah blah blah.

but, love… i still will choose you first.

and that’s real talk.


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  1. wow! i loved this post. i deal with that everyday. trying to figure out just how much my career means to me. i mean it means a lot to me, but i’m so in love and love makes me soooo happy and fearless. i think living for love is beautiful, all forms of love… girl, always live with your heart, but protect it. every heart should be protected. give it to someone who will treasure it and cherish it. keep doing the natural thing, my fellow napptural sista!
    Peace & Nappiness

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