searching for a guide through life

::..all my life i’ve been waiting for something amazing..::

first off – HAPPY BDAY TO ALL THE PISCES! have we started yet? i dunno. clearly (ugh, HUisms catching up with me), i’m slacking on my zodiac knowledge. hehe. i know we’re end of feb to end of march leaving march 6 wonderfully in the middle. ha.

why am i trippin over my birthday? mm, i guess it’s cause i can. haha. normally i’m not like this.. so much. hehe..

i have to get on my list. so far i have six items: sneakers, a watch SIN the leather band, hair stuff to experiment with, the collectors edition complete set of Sex and the City DVDs, Def Poetry Jam DVDs, and a digital voice recorder. i’m taking the hair stuff off the list though. hopefully i’ll get braided extentions or kinky twist extentions over the break. i dunno. gotsa mix it up. my list is so silly. the sex and the city set is too expensive for me to even think of asking anyone to get me. i’d prob get the watch and sneaks myself.. and i dunno. yall know i really just want money. haha. income, carin. sweet.

guess what? i like the way i was raised.

and i like being different.  unique – just like everyone else.

sooooooooo… anyone know alternate ways for me to get home? i think i’ll probably be greyhounding it. i wish i had a better complilation (haha) of songs on my ipod. music makes travelling interesting. makes life interesting.

looking foward to being home. seeing my sister, my mommy, my daddy, my godsisters… i want chicken fajitas for my bday. i’ve decided. haha. it’s unreal that i’m as old as i am. damn, especially when i didn’t think i’d make it past 16 or so..

anyway. somehow or another, i’ll celebrate. good times…



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  1. i kno, its so weird to think. yeah… nicoles turning 19… its like WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?? but yes, i’m looking forward to ur bday too and i can’t wait to see u! chicken fajitas? we should go to applebees. lol! love you!

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