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my room definately needs some cleaning. life has been rather busy.

i’ve been sleeping well though.  big plus. i was talking to my mom last night and right before i hung up she’s like, “so you still stay up all hours of the night?” nope. i do it at home, but just can’t seem to do it here. last night, a friday night, i would have definately been in bed by 12 if it weren’t for me discovering that i could watch tv programs online with mtv overdrive. media convergence. niiice.

spring break is nearly upon us.. yippie skippie! (lol – yall remember that from muppet babies back in the day.. lol) i can’t wait. i dunno why. just… i dunno. lol. anywho – this upcoming week is midterms week and i just got a lot of stuff to take care of and to study for.. after about wed/thurs i should be able to breathe easy. my granddad’s taking me back to jersey… i swear, they wanna spoil/shelter me. mmm.. does my grandfather even live in GA anymore?? ::shaking my head::

news from up north – the home front: carin is driving.. aww, my baby sis is growing up too fast. but forreal.. she’s always working and being busy. i think the more you go down the line, the better off you are maybe in preparedness for life. mmm… maybe not. just talking talk.. haha. my brother has a job now. something i never would have expected. something about keeping official records or such. interesting.. he graduates in dec.. what’s after that? my father – mi padre (don’t know how to say it in portuguese) is in brazil currently. lol. he’s staying until the first day of carnival.. i wanna go! lol. and my mom – she’s holding down the fort at home. she gets recognized for her award next sat. there’s gonna be a banquet and such. i requested the chicken – from some country stuffed with i dunno what. lol. our dog lives somewhere else. well, someone else must be taking care of him. for him to be gone 11 days or so and then found, not cold, looking rather clean and healthy, and not hungry.. yeah…

when i get home i have tons of stuff to do. mrs. habron wants to see my hair? huh? haha. i guess i’ll be going back to Gami to visit. ::smiles:: manders should come with me.. ahh, the benefit of having a friend stay home for college. i need to get my hair twisted though.. and look for a freshman ball dress.. and go to tons of doctor’s appointments – general or dermatologist, gynecologist, and dentist… oh course, there should be shopping and the movies just because… seeing my godsisters.. oh.. umm.. CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY. haha. i’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth cuz i only got – what, 9 days til.. oh i forgot to put the 2006 edition of The Writer’s Handbook on my bday list. haha. i’m funny.

anywho — i realize that i’m initially shy with most things but then after going through with it, i love it. hmmm.. i need to do something about that.. and perhaps apply the situation to my lovelife. i really don’t mind that my lovelife is nonexistant at the moment. it’s straight. i’ll have my time. i have my love.

harkness open house was pretty cool. just to be up in the boys’ rooms for once. you know, like a regular college.. lol.

i need to start working on my summer plans..

let me get past this week first.

God bless.


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  1. ” i gotta go, i have another call…” man, it’s like THAT?! mmm! que lastima! lol

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