searching for a guide through life

the internet is just a tool for procrastination… ::insert funnyface here::

soooo… one down, two to go in terms of midterms. 101 midterm tom. 110 midterm starting tom and ending thurs? (not quite sure)

anywho – if i could make a universal law it’d be this: you’re not allowed to love someone who doesn’t love you back and vice-versa. it’s so daggone COMPLICATED. especially when he won’t come out and say things… ugh.

i miss home. spring break – yay!

–insert:: DJS ’06 reunion coming summer (2006 ha!). a picnic (::question mark::). a picnic (::declarative::) ’07 in philly? really? forreal? i hope!
i wanna see Poppy, Kelli-Koo, and Weeba. miss ’em.  ::end random insert–

who wants to donate to the “help a starving artist (me)” fund? haha. maybe i should get one of them corporate america jobs when i grow up… cuz… i don’t actually do anything.. haha. it’s terrible.

need more music on my ruckus. more r&b. and stuff i can dance to. and jazz. yesssss (with the extra s’s for those special ppl)

i’m in a better mood than last night.

i really have nothing to say.

i have things to do… i think i’ll take a nap instead.


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