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si, hoy es el dia! tengo 19 anos! finalmente!


yup – it’s the BIRTHDAY!!!!!

today i have reached the glorious age of 19! and the teenage years are going, going….

in 365 days i’ll be in my twenties? what?


so yes. march 6th. the most magnificent day of the year. [[march bdays – pisces ppl, i celebrate you all too]]

happy birthday to roy williams, mitchell.byrd, and shaq


happy birthday to [[me]]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(i wanted to buy a crown the other day but my sister wouldn’t let me.. ya know, the sister who fell asleep a half hour before my bday started. the sister who claims she didnt get me a bday present yet. i’m wearing a crown today. i don’t care who says… )

ANYWAY – ok, i suppose we can go back to the real world for a sec. haha.. cuz yes, i am on xanga at midnight with the phone next to me, pathetically, waiting for a bday call… haha… i guess from some child who claims he wasn’t calling me on sunday when he did – TWICE – and i missed them (the calls)….

but anyway, yeah. spring break. the topic of the hour.

it’s been cool. i mean – cranberry juice, sherbet, showers without shower shoes… it’s the lil things, i tell ya… hahah

so yeah. got home late fri night/early sat morning. my grandfather drove me back and i keep dozing off along the way. funny how we started though, driving up and down settler’s landing rd looking for the gas cap to his car. [[ ahhhh, jersey – we don’t pump our own gas!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]] ohhhh, and got to see the cousins in va beach. david’s taller than me now… gosh, what’s the world coming to when my 12 year old cuz is taller than me… they’re ALL gonna be taller than me. the conspiracy!!! saw doni – she was on spring break as well. imma go to uva to visit her sometime in april.. the math major.. lol. oh, and summer 2006 – INTERNATIONAL TRIP!!! anywhere we choose. las tres chicas. it is ON! oh boy! thanks granddad!

anywho – sat was “mommy’s day”. hahaha. she got her award for being a person of the year in galloway.. citizen advocate for education. go mommy!!!! awwww, so proud!!! earlier we had to shop for things to wear that night. i ended up with stockings that made my legs look sick (lol) and ended up lying to a sixteen yr old boy who looked about 14 or so. ahh, gotta love aggressive guys. gotta love being hit on in the hamilton mall.. good times, good times. moving on — the program dinner thing was good. good food. took pics. it was soo interesting seeing all my old teachers and whatnot from elementary and middle school.. esp when they were DANCING. oh gosh. gotta love galloway!

today was cool as well. PHILLY day!!! haha. my bad lil sister called out from work and we all went to the sixers game. one day we’ll go and forreal actually pay attention to the game.. haha. we were late.. surprise, surprise.. ended up getting there with about a couple min left in the second quarter. the “grownfolks” went to get “drinks”… mmm.. we (the “children” left the box at halftime to “explore”… when we realized that all we could really do was get in lines for food and that we really had no money, we called the grownfolks to meet up. they had gone to Victors Lounge eating chicken and fries without us… hahaha.. soo, we joined them and cuz my godsisters gave up soda for Lent, i forgot to get my daggone Shirley Temple.. we went up to the box with a couple min left in the game… later — because my dad is… well, my dad ::sigh:: me, my parents, and my brother went to some VIP section – ended up getting hats signed by two of the players… i swear, my dad — all i can do is roll my eyes and sigh.. it was cool though. then we went shopping for the briefest moment in the best city – philadelphia – went home, chilled with the godsisters and paris, and then watched movies with the lil… ohh, and we had a picture war earlier… craziness.

now — it’s thirty-eight minutes into my birthday and this busta still hasn’t called me?! oh no!! hahaha. whateva! i’m too fly for that sh*t. LOL

random quotes::
–“i’m in the presidential ballroom.”
–“you missed me”

Colee <in a land where ppl actually call me by my REAL nickname!! yes!! jersey >

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  1. Happy Birtday!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicolas is your REAL nickname punk!!!oh yea and happy birthday

  3. nikki dow is the REAL nickname!!! lol sooooo ur birthday? f ur birthday!! lol j/k luv ya gurl

  4. and wats w/ ur pic lol j/k

  5. hehe, i love that we have memories that only me and you can understand! i love you nicole, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. “u gun pay what u owe” haha!

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