searching for a guide through life

i think what gets me is that i don’t get to see him grow up anymore. i don’t know what he’s into, how he’s living, even what he looks like now. i can’t remember his laugh. i barely can remember his voice. lesson: try not to take the special people for granted.

anyway – the birthday was wonderful!! nice, nothing extragant of course, but nice.

he didn’t even ask about my bday – . he called right before midnight last night, though, just to wish me happy bday and thats it. he may not even remember that. i guess he was smokin last night? i dunno – he called tonight during sex and the city so i was only half paying attention. he wants me to come and visit him at his school and he wants to visit me at hampton.  mmmmmmm.. anyway…

changing the subject: there’s so much i’d like to accomplish in the next 3-4 years, it’s crazy… i should put things in writing. like a plan or something. it’s amazing thinking how we’ll all in end up in about 10 yrs or so.

it’d be nice to have a boyfriend. lol. so much to changing the subject away from boys..

i watched Jersey Girl again today. i love that movie.

being home’s nice.

mmmm.. i think i’ll make myself a Shirley Temple and perhaps go to bed.


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