searching for a guide through life

i promise i’ll write a meaningful entry one day. i will. but today’s just not the day.

i’m tired and i smell like tea. yes, tea. for my birthday i got this natural body butter (along with this natual peppermint hair/body shampoo which is the bomb-diggity.. [ha, carin]) and i’ve been trying to put my finger on what it smells like. the scent is real strong and when i first opened it up, everyone was like, it smells like lemons. but i figured it out. it smells like tea – with lemons… and so thus – i smell like tea.

i really should be sleeping now. spring beak has basically consisted of sleeping, shopping, eating, drinking… that’s nearly it. ohh, and of course, acting a fool with my sister. hehehe… you really haven’t seen all of me til you observe me around my lil sis.. haha. i’m insane. “carin, are you gonna make french toast for me? – ok, i’ll be upstairs asleep on you’re bed if you need me. – ugh, you’re talking on the phone? you’re supposed to be talking to me. – these noodles are too crunchy. – NO, you don’t love me. – whatever. – i’ll be in your room, jumping on your bed. – let’s fight. – i only act this way around you. you should consider yourself special.” hehehe. i’m the best lil big. i LOVE that gurlie.

anyway. SHOPPING. ha. you’d think i love it or something.. heheh. maybe i do. in an obvious secret kinda way. but, shopping this week has been pretty successful. i got the “prom dress” aka my dress for the freshman ball. it’s not exactly “floor-length” but close enough. i think it’s tres cute. i also got some new sneaks. yes!   mmmmm, i need a job to make up for this spending. i’m actually thinking of working next semester.. good idea? bad idea?

i tried on a bunch of dresses this week and you know what’s the most amazing thing? for the most part they all fit really well. comfortable and good-looking and everything. mmmm.. two years ago, my cousin was having her big sweet sixteen celebration and i decided i HATED dress shopping with a passion. but now it’s actually not too bad. i think it’s ’cause i’m losing weight. i warned you that this entry would be meaningless.. kinda vain too. but anyways, yeah. from sometime last yr to sometime this yr i lost around 15 pounds. mostly from first semester, i think. but yeah. i was looking at my body and the different ways it looks now and was just amazed in some aspects. and i still want to lose about 25 more pounds so we’ll see. maybe i’ll make a conscious effort. hmmm…

i need to do something with my hair before i pull a natalie portman and shave it bald.. hahah. just playing… kinda sorta… i would like to do something with my hair.

i would like to do something with my life as well.

last note:: am i afraid of commitment?



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  1. i gained the 15 that u lost!!!
    p.s. i love you too!!!!! !

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