searching for a guide through life

mmm… feeling kinda anti-social lately. stayed in my room all throughout visitation. no big deal. i want to stay in my room all through classes tomorrow, but can’t. probably have to present this project that i haven’t even started yet. good thing i got sleep this weekend. i most definately have senioritis.. yes, i know i’m just a freshman – well, a sophomore.. but you know…

i got to talk to my sister today!! [[big smile]] we are on the phone for about 3 hours and 20 minutes just talking about life and everything in it. she won’t start college until fall 07 and i know she won’t go to hampton (i wouldn’t recommend it for her anyway) but it’s kinda hard when your best friend is 6 hours away.. she’s thinking about maryland, which would be a tad bit closer. i miss my twin.

have you ever felt mad for no apparent reason? i have lately. i’m soo glad i talked to my sister. and not mr. monroe. it’s not like i can really talk to him anyways. it’s more like he talks and i listen. yes, complete with interruption and everything. and he tries to solve everything and ugh…. it’s just like what we read about in com103. craziness. but yeah, i need a boy-friend.

well – don’t have much to say tonight. that’s all for now.



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