searching for a guide through life

feeling good, feeling great. feeling great, feeling good, how are you?

yes, today i’m actually feeling… slightly wonderful. it’s about time.

i’m going off of about 3 1/2 hours of sleep — more like a nap. i went to bed at nearly 4 working on a project and got up around 7:30ish. and it turns out i didn’t get to present… which is good though cuz now i have more time to prepare.. so maybe i can pull an A or A+ and not another ol’ A-.

World Civ was cancelled today. gotta love getting out of class. i went to the Student Center and treated myself to a vanilla latte. it’s been a while since i had one of them. yum! PLUS i had my leftover pizza, meaning a successful Gourtmet Services boycott for lunch.. haha. the cafe just hasn’t been doing it for me lately, but of course i go when i have to… ya know, free food.

Scripps is having its media symposium today. there’s also a Script meeting today so imma kinda stay busy this afternoon and evening. gotta handful or journalism assignments and also an AWE assignment. need to DESPERATELY work on something toward this Press of AC internship. if i’m interning at all this summer, that’s the only place i want to be. haven’t even thought about others. i should be more on this, i know, but this is my life and sometimes i just gotta do what feels best for me, which means staying home this summer – despite possibily neglecting a jump start on my future career. i still also want to work at Borders this summer. i want to make money. i want to spend time with my family and helping them out. i want some ME time where i can work out and do an art project or two and relax and WRITE. not tryna pressure myself or anything, but it’d be awesome to start on the novel one of these days. oh, and more things – it’d be GREAT to go to like 10th ave or whateva and play tennis with manders. or go to the beach with mommy and carin and the monroes (no relation to mr.) and just have chill time and tan. tanning feels so good sometimes… i love the sun.. haha.. hmmm, i think i def got off topic.

but yeah, today i feel good. i think talking to my sister really helped. i hadn’t really talked to anyone in a while about stuff and that’s my carin, so it makes it even more specialer.

my hair needs a trim. i wouldn’t know where to go though. i’m thinking about possibly getting braids this summer. that’d be cool.

anyway, i’m just going on… maybe i should do something to get ready for going to the symposium.. i guess.. lol. at least class is cancelled for tomorrow. maybe i’ll work out in the morning..

well, laterz.


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