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i’m hungry but i don’t really feel like going to the cafe. i guess i’ll just make something here..

well… today’s my semi-day off. not really, it’s just that my JAC110 class was cancelled. so tell me WHY this day seems busier than it actually should be. i actually went to basketball this morning, but of course the teacher didn’t show up anyway. surprise, surprise. playin with my life.. lol. nah, i actually didn’t feel like sitting through class anyways and even if he were there we’d prob just take role and leave. to think, i actually signed up for this class in the fall because i WANTED to play basketball. i guess i wasn’t that motivated though cuz it aint like no one’s protesting to the dept. of phys ed. but imagine if i were PAYING for that class.. mmmm, nah… and best believe my mid-term grade better stick.. lol.

but anyway, i went to breakfast after that and then got a lil rest in my room. i’m gonna miss having a single SOOOO much next year. you don’t even know… but hey. maybe something good will come out of rooming with a complete stranger. by the way, i get to get my room assignment tomorrow since i’m a sophomore and whatnot.. lol. i hate when ppl ask me what’s my classification cuz i never know what to say. of course i’m an OGRE and i’m reppin the class of 09, but i have the credits to be classified as a sophomore and academically and professionally, i’m gonna take advantage of that fact.

i’m off subject… haha. so i took this nap, and i swear i was conscious trying to dream about “him”… which didn’t really happen. ::sigh:: i woke up, took my shower only to have only COLD WATER come out.. gosh. then when i get on my pc, i check Blackboard and my teacher has posted a dozen assignments. i printed them out – 5 pages.. gosh.. craziness. i feel like my life is deadline after deadline.. oh, and i pursued writing because i thought it would be relaxing doing something i love… ha. life has the silliest sense of humor. (sidebar: oh, i started reading a book for pleasure yesterday )

yesterday was…. interesting. by far the most “interesting” thing being water pouring from my ceiling unto my floor.  <– yeah, i was kinda like that. at first i was like. ugh, stupid hampton – what’s up with these buildings.. thinking that it was the rain leaking from the ceiling since it was storming outside. i mean, it’s not like i haven’t lived in homes with leaking roofs… but then i was like, shit i live on the THIRD floor. Kennedy has FOUR floors. i ran upstairs, knocked on my RA’s door cuz i thought my room was under hers.. no response. i go downstairs, realize my door is a little over, go back upstairs and further down the hall and see that yeah — my room is directly over the fourth floor bathroom. lucky me. i go into the bathroom to see the big sink OVERFLOWING and flooding the floor.  i look in some of the open rooms of the floor but no one’s in them and i don’t feel like being loud and shouting cuz that’s just not me. so i run back to my room (cuz i only have socks on), put on my shoes, grab my cell phone, and dash back upstair to turn off the water. who leaves the water running in the sink??? and who left their plate in that sink?? the plate had acted like a stopper and that’s why the sink had filled and overflowed. i called my GA, got in contact with our other RA and to sum it up, we fixed the situation. a lil mopping, a towels, bunches of paper towels and it was somewhat straight. the ceiling in our hallway now has water damage and the little evacuation route thing on my door has water in it (i pray it doesn’t get moldy). thank goodness nothing in my room was damaged. the water spillage just occured right by my doorway. but that’s craziness… it happened on the night we have room checks (including bathroom checks) so i don’t know what that means as a dorm or for 4th floor. whateva. there’s roughly 3 weeks left and no one cares so i don’t care.

definately spent more time on xanga than i should have. back to real life.


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    eewwwwwwwww… that’s HU for ya.

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