searching for a guide through life

my impossible dream for this month would be to just happen to find about $200 lying randomly in the street. that would be my sign. the sign to put that money in my bank account, go online to amazon.com, and purchase the collector’s edition DVD set of Sex and the City – all 6 seasons. lol. the finale came on tonight on TBS. i love that show. i even teared up at some parts. i’d love for them to come out with a movie or reunion or something. mmm, but anyway..

i’m up doing hw. i really should have more motivation earlier in the day. the day’s are too short sometimes, i tell ya. that or too long.

i haven’t heard my dad’s voice in a while. i miss his silliness. maybe i should surprise him with a phone call tomorrow.

mmm… i want to go home.



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  1. i want you home too! 3 week! yey! the leakage thing sucks… why do u update so much… hard to keep up, lol. and i like the new color scheme! sry i’m not goin down there this weekend, but lemme kno wen ur final is and i’ll request off, if i haven’t already quit, haha <33

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