searching for a guide through life


i’m soooooo sleepy right now, i could fall out. i know napping would not be in my best interest though. need to finish these two JAC assignments, go to dinner at 4, and then i can sleep soundly (only to wake up and get on some more sh*t)

i need rejuvenation.

my room is getting messy. i should care.

my phone’s broken. well actually, the charger is but without any charge, the phone’s useless. so i discovered my room phone. i should try to see if i can make long distance calls on it. but for now, i just have my mom and sis call me from there.

spoke to my mom last night. we had a good, interesting conversation… about college, life, growing up, my brother. we didn’t even get to finish cuz my food finally arrived. but she called in the morning (to wake me up cuz she knew about my cell phone.. aww, so sweet) and she kinda gave a last word about stuff. told me i could work next yr.

i keep realizing how much i’m growing up. and how grateful i am that God’s blessed me with my parents. i love them!

oh – i put my hair in kinda sorta of a ponytail last night. lol. it’s growing! i love my virgin hair.

there are no love interests in la vida de moi.. haha. OH WELL.



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