searching for a guide through life

what’s it all about?….

i have senioritis. as a freshman/sophomore. caring seems minimal right now. so i called my sister up yesterday on my broken phone and she told me to do my work (cuz she was at her boyfriend’s house playing poker). i asked her why and she said because it’s good for me… but really, is it?

ok, yes, staying on my scholarship, graduating, and getting a degree are all “good things,” but i feel like i haven’t done something really good for me in the longest time… my top focus has been school for so long, i feel like i’ve lost my priorities.

my brother is doing drum corp this summer – the last time before he ages out. instead of working a job, instead of doing summer classes. he’s doing something he loves. and i admire him so much for that….

i got a voicemail on my phone last night. it was from my uncle and my little cousins. they called just to check up on me. cuz they missed me. and they loved me. it almost brought a tear to my eyes.

and that’s what it’s all about…




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  1. that made noo sense!

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