searching for a guide through life

last night was hard. for some reason, this huge wave of loneliness and hurt and anger and fear washed over me, and i cried. i cried so hard that i couldn’t breathe. several times i had to make myself sit upright (i was laying down in bed) and force myself to just focus on breathing. and once i could, i’d just start crying again. it was… not good.

i realize i still have a lot of baggage i need to let go of. i have some issues i need to work out, not just forget about. there are some changes i need to make.

but i’m not alone.

church service was wonderful today. i needed that.

happy Easter.


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  1. Hope your feeling better.
    Remember God’s Light shines through the darkness it’ll get better.

  2. God may calm the storm around you, but more often He will calm the storm within you…. happy belated easter

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