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i need to stop playing with myself, saying things like “i’ll just get up at 4 in the morning to do this.” it never happens. lol. oh well. finished that one paper. today will just be a busy day. actually this week will be “bananas.” (i hate that choice of words, thanks Gwen Stefani… eww) but yeah. busyness all around from all types of directions.

and then what will i end up doing? i only have two finals during the official university finals time. one is on the 27th. the other is may 3rd. what the fuck? what am i going to do here for a week!!! ugh.. well… i’ll find something creative and constructive. gotta make do, huh?

yesterday was crazy. i went to this celebration at Scripps to show support for all the ppl getting internships and jobs and all and  – surprise, surprise – i got an internship. i was NOT expecting that. they called my name and i’m like.. mmm, this must be a mistake. but apparently my teacher and some others had been planning things for me. they have “something in the works.”  that’s craziness. oh, and especially the fact that it’s in Tennessee. i barely know where Tennessee is on the map! lol. (such a northerner). mmmmm.. but yeah, craziness. i don’t even have all the details yet. so of course, i don’t know what i’m going to do yet. i was NOT planning on leaving home. mmm.. growing up. i told my mom (and sis) about it. also told mr. monroe. i swear, imma slip up one day and call him my boyfriend. i better stop.

::sigh:: craziness.


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    congrats on the internship

  2. TENNESSEE?!?!?!!!!!!

  3. Lol Mr. Monroe? Who’s that? Congrats on the ship..wish i had one lol. But i’ll be plenty buy this year anyway. I can also completely relate on the 4am shit…..I do it ALLLL the time.

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