searching for a guide through life

i should become a stripper so that i have an abundant supply of singles so that i can buy some gingerale out the machine because i’m addicted.

that’s the most genius thought i’ve had EVER.

lol, i’m crazy. most brilliant ppl are.

ok, i need to stop.

real update: today was a good day. just cuz. i realized i love running errands. probably because i actually get things accomplished. so i checked in with my absentee basketball teacher, found out who my roommate for next semester will be, got my refund check (ye-yah!! $$), and got a personal check cashed while i was at whipple barn because my wallet was hurting. my account is hurting actually. i treated myself to a trip to the library (i kno, i’m such a geek) where i read the May edition of The Writer magazine and, for reasons beyond me, i balanced my checkbook. i dunno. i was just at the little desk thingie and, i can’t remember why, but i pulled out my checkbook and then all my old receipts from my wallet and i was like a month behind in recording my credit expenses. so i balanced that – ALL subtracting, so disappointing. but i’ll probably see about getting that refund check cashed tomorrow. i dunno. i have to go to bank of america.. i want MY bank to be down here. maybe i’ll open a bank of america account when i get home, but you know, i’m gonna need money to start an account.. LOL. i need some income. a j-o-b. but i’m proud of myself because not once have i needed to ask my parents for money while i’ve been in college. go me (and my cheap ass self)!

my favorite show just came on – seventh heaven – but i’ll continue to finish my rambling…

my “boyfriend” doesn’t love me anymore. lol,  why do i always say things like this.. haha. but anyway, the kid hasn’t called in a week. again. and i’ll be darned if i call him, cuz that might mean, that i like him and i don’t. ok, i’m officially a mess. isn’t he supposed to be just a friend?

speaking of ANOTHER him, i think it’s his birthday today. “firstlove”‘s. i wonder how he’s doing in life. i hope everything’s good. i wonder if he’ll be graduating with ‘lish in june. i still think about him. i dunno, i can’t help it. is that something someone can understand? oh well. happy birthday, kid…

while i’m on boys, there’s no HU crush. why? i dunno. kinda fell off on having strong feelings for just one boy. HU guys in general are… well, let’s just say they make me smile.  i’m tryna meet my future husband like tomorrow so i need to get on that. lol, i’m playing but i really do want to get married.. and have kids and all that. and i would like to do all that earlier rather than later. but we’ll see where life takes me. something interesting: i wore a ring today (i usually don’t) on my wedding ring finger and it doesn’t feel unnatural.

moving on to another subject, school ends in about 9 days for me. may 3rd. my first year of college over with. wow. it did go by fast. but it was fun. it was.

i need to get off xanga.


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  1. now I know whos been drinking all my gingerale jk

  2. i’m in love with a stripperr! haha just one more week YEY!!!!!

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