searching for a guide through life

clearly i should be in the shower right now. i hate waking up early on days that just scream “sleep in,” but this is me being a grown-up. haha. i really am trying, and early mornings are going to be a part of that. anyway, i need to meet with one of my teachers about my internship this summer.. oh wait, i haven’t blogged about Texas yet, have i? it’s in Texas. lol. i’ll write more later…

the last day of classes was yesterday. i go home in one week exactly.

the boy… is disappointing. ::sigh:: oh well.

i hope my grades are still good this semester. i was hoping on keeping that 4.0+ but we’ll see about that.

imma need a job when i get back to jersey – for my two months before i’ll probably head off to texas. by myself…

i need to take advantage of this open week. got a lot to take care of and work through.

oh, i almost gave up on love on monday. but i take that back.



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  1. i’m glad u took that back <33 i love yoU!

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