searching for a guide through life

ok, i said i’d talk about texas right? lol. well…. i got an internship working at a paper in northern texas – kinda near dallas.  i’m rather happy.  there are tons of details i need to work out, but this is something i’m definately trying to make happen. this was one of those wonderful, unexpected things in life that just land on your lap. i didn’t even apply on anything. i guess some people actually see potential in the things that i do. that’s fabulous.

i’ve been keeping my mom posted on everything cuz we seem to talk often, but this is the first time i told my daddy about it. i’ve been meaning to call too, and i kinda feel bad esp since my uncle kevin called me up today and i told him. so technically his brother knew about a half hour before he did, but he knows now.  lol. my dad is a trip. i miss him so much. he’s going to brazil tomorrow or something and then when he comes back he’ll pick me up from school.. meaning it could be may 4th (a day later), but hey, what can ya do? lol. i’ll be fine. he’s says he can’t wait to pick me up from school and all that. lol.

it’s funny how the closer it gets to coming home, the more i miss everybody. but then i know once i get home imma miss everybody from hampton. mmmm, college really does split your life.

i was thinking about life last night. about the balance between work and personal life. cuz like, as far as school goes, i’m great. having some kind of success in the future actually seems do-able to me. i have a great set of close friends and my family. but then when it comes to my love life, it’s pretty much invisible. and because i really want to share my life with somebody, it gets hard. i’m stubborn – i want the best of both worlds, not just one or the other. i guess i still need to work on that balance between career and love.life. cuz without love….


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