searching for a guide through life

thoughts from a day in the life.

i have to start getting ready for my interview soon. i really wish all that stuff was just over with. everything. it’s just some form of stress in the back of my mind. like all this prep for texas… to tell the truth, this scares me. sometimes i feel like people have more confidence in me than i have in myself. mmm… i think i think too much. i worry too much. but yeah. and texas is so far. too far out my comfort zone to be living on my own – on my first summer after going away to college (the first time of me really being away from home by myself). mmm… wow. this is a great opportunity though. i have to stop second guessing everything and just live.

in other news, i started flat twisting my hair at night so i could rock a twist out during the day. pretty interesting results. i like it. imma keep it up.

what am i gonna do when i get home? i feel like i have such a limited time there so i want to fit everything in… silly me. i do need to make it productive though. ‘specially since i spent the last half a week here just chilling out, relaxing and doing nothing.

random thought: lately i’ve been wondering a lot about relationship baggage. not just mine, but people’s in general. the past loves, the past hurts. how we get through it all and try to build new love….


one day i’ll be a writer.


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