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This is what my fortune cookie said today: You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first.

Soooo right. So I’ve been home for about one and a half days so far and it’s been wonderful. after me and my dad carried all my ridiculous amount of luggage from my third floor room (no elevators) to the car by ourselves, we hit the road on the way to jersey. interesting trip to say the least. i love my daddy. we ended up taking the cape may – lewes ferry (aka the cruise ship), which was cool cuz me and my dad actually got to sit down and talk. i loved that. then miss me drove on home. and i didn’t crash or nothing! sike. i’m actually a pretty good driver. driving just isn’t my favorite thing in the world. i have my much valid reasons. it’s weird cuz being in cars as the passenger doesn’t phase me… mmmm.

anyways, so yeah, it’s great to be home. i’m like a complete different person when i’m home then i am other places. haha. it’s wonderful. and i love my fam, which makes it even more wonderful. yesterday me and mommy just chilled and watched paycheck and then we went out with carin and did the cinco de mayo thing at chili’s. today we met grandmama, wiley, and aunt brenda in AC and ate, and me and carin acted like lil kids at the arcades on the boardwalk. then me, mommy, and daddy watched a movie at home and michael came home. i baked a cake while the guys watched the game and now everybody’s home under one roof. wow.

but yeah…. i don’t know why i’m going on about everything. prob. cuz i’m very, very satisfied with life right now. things are def looking up. i’m still looking for that husband – LOL – but i actually think i really know what i want to do with my life. as far as this summer goes, i need to savor every day. i think i actually might work at AES these next two months. i dunno. it might not be bad at all. it’ll be money and maybe perhaps, i can use some of the downtime to work on some other things… hheehee. what i need to do like NOW is find and secure housing in Texas for July and August. that needs to be done pronto. i’m not sure if it’ll be a room or my own apartment, but it needs to be something. and that car really needs to get fixed and i need to get my license and i need more practice driving and i need to know ten million more things about Denton and what i’ll be doing at the DRC… BUT all in all, everything’s cool right now. despite the daunting thought of having a 9-6 job in a foreign place with no one (unless carin comes to live with me!!!!) doing something i never quite have done before. haha.

but yeah, life’s cool right now. oh and as far as the grades go… A-, A, A, A, A+, A+. semester GPA: 3.96. cumulative GPA: 4.0 babEeeeeee! oh yeah.


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  1. congrats, u.
    denton texas…. hmmmm

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