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duck… duck… gOOsE!!


yea. i have wireless internet on my laptop now. thanks to my brother, who told me a week or so ago that it probably wouldn’t work. the lies they tell me…. anyway, we’re all under the same roof right now.  for some reason, i find it incredibly extraordinary when all five of us are here together. haha. it brings a smile to my face, even though we are in various rooms. but yeah, so my dad comes in singing “say i” (i hear him from upstairs) but of course, the lyrics are all wrong. lol. this man… i tell you, he needs to stop listening to “today’s hip hop and r&b.” someone needs to change the station in his car. MY CAR.  the other day, the man said, “he aint bumpin like i’m bumpin. he aint fresh as i’m is”  oh my goodness. LOL.

but anyway, today i got my license. check that off my summer to-do list. jersey ppl should know how it is with the whole provisional aka cinderella license and stuff. plus considering the fact that i barely drive anyway, it’s not that weird being 19 and just getting my basic license. anywho, they moved the dmv inside the shore mall… different. haha. oh, and my license picture actually doesn’t look bad. and they let us keep our old licenses. haha. cool. i had went with my brother cuz he needed to renew his, and he got a haircut afterwards and so i was left in that mall by myself to do whatever. i brought a bday card and graduation gift for my godsis and then i brought capris for myself. this may mean nothing to everyone else, but i brought my first pair of size 9 jeans.  haha. made me happy. i don’t think i’ve been in the single numbers since i started shopping in the juniors section. i guess i’m losing that “baby fat.” lol. when we met up with all this family on mother’s day, my relatives were like “oh, you’ve lost weight. they don’t feed you in college?” haha

mother’s day was great. there were like 30 of us from my mom’s side of the family. we all ate brunch at the Hyatt in New Brunswick. it was SOOO good. even the food i don’t like was good. mannn, you don’t even know. we’re gonna give my mom a lil shopping spree for her gift. but seeing everyone yesterday was really nice. it was weird going to aunt rozzie’s house, knowing uncle eric had passed. i dunno. just kinda not real…

but all in all, i had a happy weekend.


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