searching for a guide through life

welllll.. i have had some rather updateable stuff happen lately. i’m not gonna get into anything in depth but…

i’m not interning anymore…

in fact, i’m not thinking about changing my major, but my whole outlook on my life and my future and school is altering a lil.

my time in GA was cool. it seemed like most the time i just chilled with my little cousins, which was great, even though my uncle was urging us to go and listen to all the grown folks. i guess we were supposed to do that in between him being sleep and them being drunk. lol. let me stop. but i loved spending time with the cousins. even when the littler ones teamed up on me. there’d be kelsie always trying to do my hair and play with my earrings and kevin climbing and jumping on me, being kevin. my cousins are amazing. smart, beautiful, fun, lively, unique. country. lol. and they’ve grown up so much, which is to be expected. i love my fam – and they love me too.

it seems the closer to adulthood i become, the more i love and appreciate my parents. this might sound weird or nearly conceited-like, but i love the way they raised me. so much that i’m nervous about having my own kids in fear that i won’t raise them up the right way. i had to make this incredibly giant decision earlier this week and my heart was so troubled, and so of course, i talked to both of them and you know what they did? they helped me without helping me at all. it’s like they’re always there for me and support me with whatever i put my mind to, but at the same time, they leave me to make my choices and mistakes on my own. i love how my parents have grown to be my best friends. i always out shopping and stuff with my mom, and now i’m working for my dad again. i’m not sure how long that will last, but it’s cool while it does.

i am about to look for a different job though. me and currin should be going job hunting soon. i really need to put in applications. i think i know where i wanna work.

i also need to start writing again. hehehe.

oh, and i think imma ask my friend on a date. nothing major. i’m just bored, and we ought to go out sometime. i never asked anybody out, and it’s kinda dangerous cuz i know he still has feelings for me, but i think i just might do it… i got time to think about it though. he doesn’t come home from summer school until july.

i really need to hang out with my other friends too. and call somebody. haha. i get into my homebody/slacker mood and forget about the outside world. i’m so used to school keeping my friends and me connected, but that’s all different so we gotta do something together with our lives.

i should make a list of all the cool stuff i want to do. and do one thing each day.

well, goodnight. my sis has the SATs bright and early tom morning and i gotta be up to take her there. hmmm. a McGriddle for breakfast sounds wonderful. or rather a WaWa breakfast sandwich, since it’s likely the girl wants something too. plus we need milk…

happy weekend, people!


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  1. i love atlanta. i lived there 2 months because my husband was in the hospital for major surgeries and then rehab. it’s a place i wouldn’t mind living in.
    i was thinking about taking the SATs over again because SURELY 6 years later I am smarter and I’d get a better score. Then someone told me its a lot harder now. poop.

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