searching for a guide through life

whaddup, whaddup, whaddup

it’s been a lil while, huh? well… God is great and life is love. things have actually been going pretty ok with me. alright maybe a colossal ok. i dunno, when you’re in the bathroom stall of the movies just cheesing cuz life feels nice i guess that’s a lil more than just pretty ok.

i’m reading this book kinda – well in between about three other books and 10 magazines – but it’s called A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and it’s pretty interesting.. that’s not what i wanted to talk about, but i’m listening to music as i’m typing this and i can’t seem to concentrate. lol. my mind is so simple.


man, my music is really distracting me.. haha. well, i feel like i have nothing in particular to write about. could i possibly be outgrowing xanga. lol. kinda funny when just the other day i was thinking of starting this memory journal or whatever so i’d remember all the lil random things that happened like last yr and stuff. haha, yeah… what would i do without documenting my life? what would i do when it comes time to write the biography – the memoirs of me? hahah.

sooo.. as of recent, i’ve been ummmm… working, watching the disney channel, and hanging out with the fam. good thing i get along with my family cuz not only do i still live with them, but i work with them and play with em too. work this year is really aiight. eveyone says that i’ve been such a great help, and not only am i making a contribution but i’m learning stuff as well. and i’m making $$. so that’s always good. i’m definately getting in the groove of working there, but i still don’t think it’s something i wanna do as a career. talk was mentioned yesterday of keeping the company in the family and having me take over when that time comes… umm… haha. i think that more of something for michael. he was into engineering for a minute. or alisha. that’s gonna be her major…

yo, for a minute i was thinking of ditching this whole hampton thing and going to ACC for culinary arts school. lol! like amanda. and then i thought of double majoring instead of just having the minor. and then i thought – i have plenty of time to sort through all this thinking stuff later. but yeah… i really do like baking. i could def see myself as a caterer.

gosh, i haven’t seen any of my highschool friends, YET. sooo sad. i dunno what’s up. me and amanda be slackers when it comes to picking up the phone and calling somebody. carm’s birthday’s coming up so maybe i’ll see her soon or something. me and maurita – i don’t know what to say about that… but yeah, those are really the only people i’m concerned about seeing. of course it’d be nice to see lil boy or something like that, ya kno? haha. i wonder what’s going on with that child. if i were playing the “what if” game, i’d be concerned about what things would have been like if he didn’t move away senior year. but whateva.. got love regardless. yo… if he didn’t remember me when he saw me i think i would be hurt. then i’d yell at him and playfully insult him and shake my head once he starts smiling. his smile was always my weakness.

speaking of weaknesses – i think my heart’s finally moved on from the turmoil i caused myself after firstlove. i dunno. i think it just happened recently. it was like i woke up from a fog and realized it was ok – that i forgave myself and i was at peace and it was ok to love again. and that is such a liberating feeling. i’m so glad i fell in love.

on a similar tangent, i think my little sister’s gonna get married before me. aint that some mess? lol. she and her boyfriend have been going out for three years come monday. and i have yet to be in any relationship. but yeah, i wanna get married.

anywho – that’s enough thought-sharing and typing. mmm.. i wonder if this boy is going to call me like i think he will. haha. i need to set him straight for a second. and then we can go to the movies together.


God bless.


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  1. I do enjoy baking myself Its great!

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