searching for a guide through life

::if the sun was to fall and the stars were to lose their shine // i’d be content with it all as long as you were by my side:: [[backtight]] [jaheim]

i love love songs… even when i’m not in love…

well, it’s finally reaching the 100 degree mark in jersey. maaann, i need a tan. in the three years we’ve been here, i haven’t been to the pool yet. mmm.. slackin. but yeah, unless i can find a make shift beach chair to stretch out on – cuz even though the grass is super manicured, i don’t really feel like just laying out a towel on the front lawn – imma prob be making a visit to the pool. but trust, if there’s something that resembles a makeshift lawn chair… like the hood of the car.. sike.. lol. but one reason, i think i don’t think i wanna go out to the pool is cuz i gained back ALL the weight i’d lost and then some. gosh. these late night dinners and cookouts and not cafe food. ::shakes head:: add that to no bunches of stairs and walking to class… me and my mom are going start a diet and exercise regime. lol. at least that’s what’s been said. oh, yeah – pause for a cause –


my little sister and my brother-in-law-to-be have been going out for three years officially as of today. since they were 14. they’re now 17. sweet.. crazy but sweet.

ok, back to… umm.. what was i talking bout? oh yeah – that. umm, let’s start a new subject. haha. i called mo yesterday but she didn’t answer so i left a message. haha. i need to get my stuff together and hang out with some of my highschool ppl before i have to go back to virginia. i’ve been hanging out a LOT with alisha and chrissy – and paris and aja and robert. haha. but i need to show my other friends some luv.

this summer’s past the halfway mark already. there’s still so much i need to do. in a heart beat, it’s gonna be time to head back to school. the family reunion will be here before i know it. then michael’ll be back home. then daddy will have his surgery. i think that’s when i’ll stop working. i think the surgery’s scheduled for aug 16th (please pray for my dad!!) so perhaps i’ll just stop working at that point and then i can chill with him at the hospital and help him with his recovery and therapy and chauffer him around and stuff. and then,  i go back to school on the 30th or 31st. wow. i’m kinda ready to be back in school, but i wouldn’t have traded being home this summer for nothing.

absolutely nothing.


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