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i need a run errands / do chores day… i actually like stuff like that. and it’s about due.

i HAVE to wash clothes tonight. who wants to donate jeans to the nicole-needs-em collection… jeans need to go on the shopping spree list. and i need to stop being stubborn about… certain issues. lol. [vague]. anywho, i was gonna wash my hair tonight but i decided to make myself some dinner instead. taylor ham sandwich with mustard. mmmmm.. i’m such a gourmet chef. but yeah. something needs to get done with the hair. the end of last summer, i retired scrunchies and hair ties. they’re back! plus i need a deep conditioning and a trim. i’m getting my mom to trim it once i find some super sharp hair cutting scissors. then i’ll do the rest. i’m still chicken to straighten it. but i’m thinking about trying a roller set. maybe when it’s a tad less humid. though it’s actually nice out right now. warm nights. i love ’em. back to mi pelo –  i guess i forfeited on getting my hair braided and/or twisted this summer… haha.. but i’m DEFINATELY doing it right before i go back to HU. i dunno. try it out. new things are cool.

hehehee. today was a cool day. i’m waiting for the word “cool” to grow old for me but CLEARLY, it’s not…. but yeah.. i’m learning new stuff at work – always great. work has actually become really good for me. i remember a few weeks back, i was definately complaining, but there’s been a major turnaround. i’m incidentally learning a lot about business and insurance and law and life. almost like a mini grownup. i think i get paid tomorrow. i’m extremely modest when it comes to getting paid. maybe i ought to stop that. my dad had intended to pay me for all the time i put in editing contracts and such before i actually starting going in to the office everyday. i wasn’t really factoring in that at all.

oh, and something else i wasn’t expecting – to actually be enjoying atlantic city. hahah. i used to hate being in the city, but it’s getting cooler everyday. haha. and they’re really doing a lot to build up the city. granted it’s with all these expensive, high class attractions but still. me and my dad went to the Borgata today after work and we say all the new stuff they added. nice… yo, they even got a Tony Lukes in the new cafeteria.. we don’t have to go all the way to Philly for a Tony Luke sandwich (sub, hoagie.. lol, whatever). it probably aint gonna be the same but hey…

anyway so today i was convinced that anyone can gamble at the casinos. i remember when i was little thinking that it was practically illegal for me to step on the casino floor – you know, the carpeted area. haha. i definately could have gambled today. but it’s ok. hehe.

i also was convinced today that perhaps i should do something to look my age. my dad introduced me to this lady and mentioned that i’m a college girl and i go to hampton and she was like: oh, you look about 12. i’m 19… and a half (rounded up). that’s a seven year difference. but yeah, i wasn’t surprised. sadly, i’m gotten that before. i’ve gotten mistaken for like a 13 year old by teens younger than me.. mmm.. the curse of the baby face. plus, i really don’t think i dress my age.. if there’s a way 19-year-olds can dress. and i don’t wear makeup and stuff. but oh well. when i’m 30, they’ll think i’m 23. maybe one day, i’ll care.. LOL.

ugh, i need to get moving on this clothes washing, hair doing business. at least there’s a possibility my dad’ll bring the car to the apartment sometime tonight and i won’t have to get up SUPER early to go to my aunt’s house to go to work with her. i’ll probably be up early anyway. but maybe this way i can run by wawa instead of making myself another daggone jelly sandwich.

oh, and i would write it, but i don’t feel like stating the obvious. [vague]


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  1. Oh Nicki…you’ll never find out who he is. never!!! hahah. but anyway…im very glad you are enjoying your job now. u see what has occurred at mine…26? a 26 year old? man, oh man. but anyway, yeah.as far as your dress- its not so much how u dress, as how u wear what u dress. honey, u have a beautiful figure, but when u get dressed, sometimes, u wear things and carry yourself as if you are afraid to be noticed for it. let yourself show!!! muah! luv ya. 

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