searching for a guide through life

**everytime i try to leave something keeps pulling me back, me back telling me i need you in my life**

is it really past eleven? gorsh.

well, since i’m having the weird tendency to update everyday, i’ll continue.

oh, guess what?

God is wonderful!!! i thought i’d let everybody out there know. He’s been my everything to me, and no doubt He could be your everything for you. i’d glad to see my relationship with Him grow.

i can’t say that about every relationship in my life. i have the tendency to not let people get too close and then tell myself that i don’t care. but i think i do. i just pray that God opens my heart, and that i listen to him instead of ignoring or rejecting his miracles. i pray that He directs my path.

well… that’s my two cents for the moment. off to doing more laundry, some sit ups, some thinking and other stuff.


God bless


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