searching for a guide through life

well, change of plans. i did not go to harlem today.. i don’t think i even wrote about that in here, but originally i had wanted to go to the harlem book fair.. but then i overslept and it was raining and i didn’t feel like driving all the way out there and back only to be there for a little while… and i dunno… maybe next year.

at least now i have today to just chill. work has been taking up a lot of time and energy, but it certainly is making my bank account look a lot better.

i want to buy a house.. not now, but that’s my future goal. to be a home owner by age 25. i’m not exactly sure why this goal came about, but it’s an admirable one and i’m thinking maybe if i put it in writing (well typing) i’ll actually consciously work towards it. hmmm..

another thing, i need to stop thinking and fantasizing about this boy. there’s probably only a one percent chance that he’s even thinking about thinking about me. the reality is, i think i worked all this up inside my head. i mean, ok – the past was real, but that’s the past. we’re waaay beyond that now. and now he has about 2 or 3 kids.. which isn’t a bad thing, but i mean, come on. life has moved past grade school crushes and dreams. so why haven’t i moved on?

cloudy days are great times to sort life out.

scratch that – every day is a great time to live.


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  1. ooh I was watching it on c-span it looked great

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