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philly!!! yay!! i almost forgot the reunion was this weekend. we’re having our djs picnic at some park right outside philadelphia. it should be real cool. i just found out today that my cousin’s coming down from va with her boyfriend. hmm.. and so then, my sister decided that she was gonna ask her boyfriend to the reunion too. wow. so it’ll be doni with dwight and carin with pj and me with… NOBODY! lol. oh well. i guess i’ll deal somehow with being the 5th wheel.

today we stopped by my old house and stayed for a minute. i can’t believe that lil rascal of a sister beat me in pool. no fair! especially when i was originally beating her.. grr.. but anyway, work should start on the house sometime soon i guess.. i hope. i dunno. but perhaps next time i come back home from va i won’t be going to the apartment but instead to the house. hmmm..

it’s funny the way my body alternates between sleepy to awake during the day. i’m always tired in the morning then ok at work only to wake up more when i’m about to go home. then i get sleepy about an hour before bible school and throughout the first hour only to be energized at the last hour. then i’m sleepy at night but i usually don’t get to sleep before 1. last night, that boy called me at about 1:11 am. i don’t get it. i guess it’s my fault, but i mean, ok – you could call me earlier in the evening. sometime before booty call hours. i don’t like it, but i never told him about it. maybe i’ll call him tonight. i didn’t even answer the phone yesterday. i was doing my hair and by the time i got to the phone it stopped ringing and i wasn’t about to call back. so maybe he has a good reason for calling so late. maybe he couldn’t sleep or he needed to talk cuz he was upset, but i dunno. whateva.

by the way, our skit went well at bible school. i love little kids.. haha. i was playing with the little group today while the older ones were doing some water game.. they were so adorable times ten!

ahh, the days are too short..


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