searching for a guide through life

yo, i’m a punk and i am hereby in a love/hate relationship with myspace. gosh, i pray for the next generation.

well… this really isn’t the last time i posted since monday the 7th. haha. i did my first private/protected post sunday cuz some events took place saturday and i had a lot on my mind and i kinda still do..



according to one of my best friends, i’m not supposed to curse.

WELL – despite the drama, i’ve been having a good time. saw Step Up with lisha, chris, paris and family AND… i saw manders at the movie theatre!! AWW!!! i hadn’t seen my pal since, what – thanksgiving break or something ridiculous. we are tight with our nontightness (if that makes any sense). a bunch of folk were at the theatre. nice night. but wait, there’s more. haha. carin called so me and lisha drove out to pick her up from pj’s with our drunken/high selves. “i keep hitting myself in your car..” lol. and luckily that was a curb, not a mailbox. shiiit. so we proceeded to acme where we got cookie dough and free eggs AND did the running man in the middle of the isle. haha. came home. lisha slept over and i watched pysch while they slept (that show is cool beans). carin went off camping while me and lish stayed in the bed. after most the day went by, we went shopping with our mothers for alisha’s college stuff. saw ppl – and thus started the drama causing my “i just need to breathe” private entry.. maaaannnn. went to the beach sunday, which was much needed cuz it was perfect and i enjoyed the sun exposure. drove to philly to pick up my brother who just got back from travelling the country, getting dark and skinny. then monday, the crew went to six flags where i realized that i’m old. lol. skip tues and you get to today which was the most laid back day at work ever, cuz my friends were there and they are such a distraction. this will be my last week at work anyway. probably. shoot, i still need to get my last paycheck deposited… i have bunches of things to get done and school’ll be here before i know it. guess what? i realize that i don’t really have a hobby.. hmm. i’ve boycotted writing all summer and considered switching my major. and i keep thinking about him or somebody. and i gained the 15 pounds back. and my dad pushed off his surgery til i’m in va and will need to miss school and take a train to see him. and i gave up a “great chance” and i’m about to give up another (chance – no adjective to describe it). and i’ve barely seen the highschool folk. and i want to go to cold stone right now. and i’m thinking of straightening (pressing) my hair, but i’m really wary about that. and i don’t know why i made this all one big booty paragraph. and i think this has been just about the greatest summer in the longest..



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